Ice Cream Troubleshooting

My ice cream is so hard!

First, keep it in the front of your freezer! If you have a ledge in the door, that’s best.

Next: alcohol! It solves your problems and it works for ice cream, too. A tablespoon or two of vodka will help your ice cream resist getting too frozen without affecting the flavor.

Lastly, try using more cream and less milk. Fat doesn’t freeze in the same way all of the water in milk does, so it might give you a little bit of a nicer texture while you’re at it.

My KitchenAid mixer attachment overflows when I use recipes from the book, what’s happening?

Yeah, they’ll do that! What’s happening is that air is being beaten into the mix (that’s called “overrun”), and it isn’t freezing before it starts overflowing.

I’m not sure if they don’t freeze ice cream as quickly as other machines or if the bowls just isn’t big enough, but your best solution is to just make smaller batches. You can also move into making things like frozen yogurt - I’ve heard it’s nice and thick enough that it doesn’t expand as much.

Where do you get containers from?

Check out this post.

I don’t have an ice cream machine, but I still want to make ice cream!

There are a lot of ways to make faux ice cream, but I think the best is to skip on over to the excellent world of kulfi, an ice cream-y dessert that’s popular in South Asia and the Middle East. Check out this post where we made some flavored with rosewater and pistachios.

Anything else?

Ask Dr. Ice Cream.